Available in November, the Pebble Time Round is the newest and, I think, one of the best looking smartwatches around. What I like best is that it is not a big chunky computer on your wrist, it looks very elegant. I’ve been looking at smartwatches with eager anticipation,  and only this year have some truly standout designs been released using the Android platform, and this the Pebble Time Round is one of the best. That’s personal taste of course, sometimes I like a clunky, manly looking watch, sometimes I want something more elegant. I can’t wait to get early reviews on this watch and maybe get my hands on one.

Pebbles goal with this and all their watches is not to be a single replacement for your smartphone, but to complement the smartphones functionality, and look good on your wrist. Good job Pebble.

Check out the Pebble Time Round.