Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock with Keyless Bluetooth Touch to Open Convenience in Lifetime Polished Brass

$168.99 (as of January 21, 2019, 5:51 am)

Your Smartphone is now your key. With your phone in your pocket or purse, just hold and turn the knob and it will unlock for you using Kevo’s Touch-to-Open technology. Don’t have a smartphone, or don’t want it with you on a run, the included key fob works the same way. The Kevo Kwikset installs in minutes, is very secure, and you can easily give (and take away) access to anyone. The crisp, clean appearance of the Polished Brass finish adds to the overall look of the product and brings a classic feel.



  • Fast and easy installation with a screwdriver
  • Looks like a regular deadbolt lock, but lights up when touched
  • Includes the key sized fob to lock/unlock without your smartphone
  • Eight separate fobs can be enrolled on one Kevo lock
  • A single fob can be enrolled on as many as 25 different Kevo units
  • Uses regular keys as well (key on the outside, turn knob on the inside)
  • Secure Bluetooth 4.0 technology with easy pairing to your smartphone
  • Military grade encryption
  • Battery lasts one year and is easily replaceable – the lock and app warns of low battery
  • Send electronic keys (eKeys) to anyone for use with their own smartphones
  • Control who has access when – you control access days and times
  • Monitor who has used eKey to access your home
  • Add, delete, or disable eKeys from the mobile app or Kevo web portal if your phone is lost
  • Compatible with select Android and Apple devices – check compatibility here
  • Use the key fob if you don’t have a compatible smartphone
  • Kwikset quality and reputation. Kwikset has been in business over 67 years and stands by their product with a a lifetime mechanical and finish warranty along with a 1 year electronic warranty to the original residential user – see warranty info
  • Available in satin finish, venetian bronze, and polished brass to match any decor
  • For a one time $70 fee Kevo provides secure remote access – you can now give emergency access, or let in the neighbor

Reviewer Comments

Review comments are based on opinion and observations from multiple testers and users.


  • Easy to install and use – no special tools, other than a screwdriver is needed
  • 2 included Scheduled eKeys with designated access times are a great idea
  • User controls who has access and can easily take away that access
  • Not a life changing product, but does make life easier, especially if you have a busy work and social life and have visitors
  • Uses the highest industry security standard
  • Since the Kevo lock is not connected to the internet but is opened via a Bluetooth signal from an authorized smartphone, no need to be worried about internet hackers


  • Additional Scheduled eKeys are $1.99 each. But existing eKeys can be easily transferred, so may not be an issue
  • You cannot remotely lock or unlock your door – it must be done via eKey
  • Android support seems limited, but with so many flavors of Android, the need for security seems to be a major reason for the limited availability
  • All authorized eKey users must install the Kevo app
  • Expensive for a deadbolt, granted, it is an electronically accessed lock with high encryption
  • Locking mechanism was older than expected, but we quickly got used to it
  • Touch-to-unlock is not exactly immediate, there is a slight delay while you are being authenticated
  • Initial smartphone calibration can be tricky – it’s best to keep our smartphone in the line of sight for the initial authentication


Keno’s marketing says “your life just got easier.” We think it did, with certain limitations. The Kevo Kwikset is certainly a step in the right direction if you are looking for a convenient, keyless solution to door locks. It has the convenience of allowing multiple people entry and access to your home, but where you have complete control. We think the Kevo could be quicker at fixing the current limited support for Android devices, but when you think about it, that’s still millions of compatible devices. Having the trusted reputation of Kwikset behind this lock gives a sense of assurance, after all, they’ve been in business for decades.

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